I went in town with Katie last weekend to buy dolls from frozen. We went to Asda. I tried to sleep going up to Asda and tried to sleep for a bit going home but there were boxes of presents about all over the car and my lovely dolls. 

We needed to do some Christmas shopping this weekend and had a good time at Asda and I'm very happy with my dolls. We went back to the flats with my sister in the car for the night to my carer Maria. Afterwards I stayed in my flat for the rest of the weekend and relaxed. I took photos of my dolls Elsa and Anna now that I finally own them thanks to my sister.

I'm looking to the rest of my presents at Christmas and seeing my family.

IMG 20171102 WA0000


I went to Disney Land Paris by air plane. They checked us twice they were very thorough at customs. We had a pass to get into the park. I went with my sister Katie. We both had heavy suitcases. They put both my hand bag and back pack through scanner we went on to Disney land Paris were had a really good time. We had lots of meals at night and breakfast in the park. I did some drawing in the studio park and we had a good time. We walked around all the shops in Disney land. I bought a Moana diary and a Disney diary. We went to meet the characters and I got their signatures in the Disney lands park and Disney village. Afterwards we went to the small boat maze, Alice and Mad Hatter maze we and got a little bit lost. We had good time and we had some nice buns for a treat. We saw a lot of the characters and I especially liked the Frozen characters. At night there was a very good Disney Land parade, we watched three parades and there were fireworks. We went to discovery land, fantasy land, adventure land and frontier land. We stayed in the Disney's New York hotel. We had 4day tickets for it. We met Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. We had a Disney photo pass to get my photos. I got lots of nice things at Disney land and other things from my holiday and we had a really good time. I really want to go back soon, hopefully in a month but probably next year. I need to save up the money to go back again and see frozen sing and show in English and French. I'm looking forward to seeing my favourite characters and hearing songs and show. I love Frozen this show is very popular and usually will need to queue up last 30 minutes before the show you want to see begins.

Disneyland Park, also known as Parc Disneyland in French, is based on the original Disneyland that opened in California in 1955. Every Disney resort around the world has one of these classic "Magic Kingdom-Style" Disney parks. The park spans 140 acres which is almost twice the size of the original.  

Disney 1

Disney 2

Disney 4    


Disney 3                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Hello I am Michelle I come to AbleWeb. I want to see Beauty and the Beast and I have been to Disneyland Paris and I am going back on holiday to Whitby. For my birthday my sister is going to take me away on holiday to Disneyland Paris with my friend Louise.

I have two cats at my mum's house Holly and Nala. My sister Katie has two dogs called Jazz and Jet, she also has a horse. I like going to see my friends at the weekend. At Christmas I stay with my Mum and Sister right up until the new year. I like Frozen I've seen it at the cinema. I have an Elsa doll and a Frozen sticker poster on my living room wall I got for my birthday. I have a nice flat with really nice things. I went shopping with my sister for my birthday. I like reading the Secret Garden. I like going to Clare's Accessorise to get bows for my hair. I use a laptop and I use my phone and other things at AbleWeb to get on the internet.

I went two my Mum and Sister's house for Easter we had a stay over Easter week until Monday, we had a very good time. My sister bought me a Belle dress for my birthday and a Beauty and the Beast poster wall sticker and a new mobile phone.


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