Hello I am Michelle I come to AbleWeb. I want to see Beauty and the Beast and I have been to Disneyland Paris and I am going back on holiday to Whitby. For my birthday my sister is going to take me away on holiday to Disneyland Paris with my friend Louise.

I have two cats at my mum's house Holly and Nala. My sister Katie has two dogs called Jazz and Jet, she also has a horse. I like going to see my friends at the weekend. At Christmas I stay with my Mum and Sister right up until the new year. I like Frozen I've seen it at the cinema. I have an Elsa doll and a Frozen sticker poster on my living room wall I got for my birthday. I have a nice flat with really nice things. I went shopping with my sister for my birthday. I like reading the Secret Garden. I like going to Clare's Accessorise to get bows for my hair. I use a laptop and I use my phone and other things at AbleWeb to get on the internet.

I went two my Mum and Sister's house for Easter we had a stay over Easter week until Monday, we had a very good time. My sister bought me a Belle dress for my birthday and a Beauty and the Beast poster wall sticker and a new mobile phone.


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