I went to France  for a lovely failmy hoilday. I went on the train to Manchester airport to Carcasson. We spent 6 days in France. My mum hired a car and we went to visit lots of places i enjoyed lots of lovely weather and hot days. I got back to york 9 o'clock on Monday. I'm really glad we went and can't wait to go again. Katie.

I went to France for my Birthday to see my friends we went on a ferry to Dover.  I went to shopping to buy some chocolate for a present for my friends Patrick and Ashley and I bought a postcard for CB. I had a lot fun and had some champagne to celebrate with Mum and Dad. We came back on the ferry form Dover it was a nice journey home and got back on 10th April.

I had a good halloween party on friday. All my friends and family dressed up and were dancing. It wash a good night, the party food wash nice. I dance to the halloween music with my freinds, it was a big party with lots of people there and was really fun. I saw a ghost there it was scary and I saw lots of witches they were scary too! Afterwards I went home slept well.

I went on a ferry to France for 3 weeks. Coming back home we went on the ferry to Dover to Calais. My mum and dad and I enjoy going to France, in Calais I had lot of French food and saw my friends. I went shopping for sweets. I had a lovely time.


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