One of my favourite hobbies is music especially rap, RnB and dance. I love to DJ. Eminem is my favourite rapper. I also enjoy basketball, swimming, exploring and going on holidays. I enjoy my work experience at toolbox, fixing car engines and motorbikes. I love everything about cars…top gear is always on. I work at Bike Rescue where I go in a van to collect bikes from the skip. We then fix the bikes up to have a second life. My second job is making furniture beautiful again at Co-op, where I sand and vanish them to give them a lovely shine.

SoundSMART did a gig last thursday at the Duchess to raise money for St Leonords Hospice. We collected a whopping £400 to go towards the outstanding charity. The venue was amazing and we had a great big crowd. SoundSMART did both a Rock and a Rap song with live music and everyone from the group got involved. On the Rap song, I nailed it and talked about pretty girls. On the Rock song I talked about playing wheelchair basketball. There was other people playing music too from Rock to RAP, bands to solo singers. My favourite songs was the one that Curtis did and the other was Gareth's new Rap. After I finished, I headed staight to the bar for a pint of lager. It was a great night.

Toolbox is run by two great guys called Mark and Ivan.Toolbox is a project where we understand how to fit and learning the in's and out of motorbikes and cars. I have learned how to put new batteries in, new wheels, servicing vehicles and how they work.

The best thing about Toolbox is being one of the lads, getting dirty and having fun. 


Rock School is an amazing experience!!! It is a five week course every monday from 11:30 to 2:30 at Burnholme School.

I have learnt how to play the cords on the guitar both acoustic and electric. Also learning how to play the drums and keyboard. I have also had a session on how to beat box and had it recorded. My favorite thing about the rock school is working on the computers and dropping BEATS. They are sick. At the moment we are grouping together to make music using a keyboard, electric guitar and drums. I am planning on dropping a beat in.There are four teachers so everyone gets plenty of support and they are super friendly. It is so enjoyable.

This summer, I went to Sharks Summer Camp to do wheelchair basketball. I really enjoyed all the actives like dodgeball and Christmas tree.

I also spend a lot of time with Ann and Patrick. We went on a lake in a boat and went on a mini train where we got soaked. It was so funny.

We also went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park where we saw monkeys, lions, zebra’s, polar bears, meerkats and some lovely birds.

I had Pete around my house for tea where we had indian and a good catch up.

I am really looking forward to my holiday in the next few weeks at Thorpe Park in Skegness with Ann and Patrick and of course Babs. We are staying in a caravan and I hope that the weather is going to be lovely.


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