On a Thursday morning I go to the Castle miusem in York and volunteer there. I tell visitors to the museum about how babies were brought up in the past which includes how they were dressed, fed by bottle soothed and entertained. I also sometimes tell them about what childeren did in the first word war whilst their fathers and sometimes elder brothers were away fighting in France.

This includes telling them how they collected moss for wound dressing, cookers for gun ammunition and delivering messages .

It also has a bit about the youngest  soldier who lied about his age and under shell fire broke down and  told them that he was just 14.  Along with all this there are rationing books and a replica of  the Princess Mary tin that was sent to soldiers fighting in the war  and German doll that was made in 1912 and CAN NOT  be touched by visitors or people that work there since it is over a 

hunded years old and is falling apart. Around the fire place behind the glass are post card like cards from the men from Britain and America from their famllies which were made by women and children in France and Belgium.


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