Hayley was a key member of AbleWeb and had been part of the AbleWeb team since it began in 2007. At AbleWeb she worked on the our latest events page, and also helped with many of our interviews and filming over the years. Hayley was also a member and mentor apprentice in the Hands and Voices Singing and Signing choir. In her spare time she liked to read and do history projects, and also go to the Gateway club to spend time with her many friends.


Very sadly Hayley passed away in June 2016 and is hugely missed by everyone here at AbleWeb and at Accessible Arts & Media. Here is a short video we put together of some of Hayley's time with us at AbleWeb and AAM.


During the Easter break I went swimming at the gym I go to, went to watch My big fat Greek Wedding 2, got my finger nails and toes done, got my legs waxed and did some work for my history project on York prison. When I do this I go on to the computer and type into an internet search engine what I want to look for, I then write It in my own words and type it up. I can also go to the library in town and ask for books on the subject that I have chosen to do.

On Monday the 16th of November we got a taxi to York train station to get the 10:03 train to London King's Cross when we got there and had meet with Emma and Lisa who had come over on the bus from Acomb we realised that we did'nt have the tickets to mmma so Lisa rang Laura at home to ask if she could bring them over to the  train staion. Foutly she said yes  and she manged to get them to  the staion before the train  left the staion.  Once we got to London we took a taxi to the Royal National hotel where we were staying. Once we checked in we sorted out where we would be sleeping and unpacked me and Emma were in the double room with Lisa and Simone in the room next door we went for a look around and a bite to eat.

When we got back we sat down in Lisa's and Simone's room and talked about what we were going to do the next day since Emma wanted to go to the zoo, but since I had already been there I didn't want to go there again. Once we had decided what we were going to do the next day we got ready for going to see MAMA MIA we went out for tea at Bella Italia and went to the Theatre. At half time Lisa asked Emma and I if we wanted a ice cream I said yes but Emma said that she was fine thank you ter the show which was good we got a taxi back to the hotel as it was raining . Once back at the hotel we got a drink from the vending manchine in the lobby and went up stairs to bed. On Tuesday the 17th of November we had breakfast and got ready to go and do some sight seeing once we had argued that Lisa and Simone would ring each other once we had finished so that we could arrange to meet up. After an hours walk and me changing my mind again since didn't want to go on the underground because of the steps we arrived at the London Aquarium where I wanted to go in the frist place. Afterwards we went for a drink in Cafe Nero and went to get an other bag since the paper one was splitting in the rain. We meet up with Lisa and Emma in Covent Gardens where they had a big Christmas tree up and lights everywhere. We walked down the Mall and Emma and I  had our photos taken outside the gates of the place near to where Lisa, Simone and I had stood to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton drive past on the day of their wedding up to the reception four years earlier. Then we went for tea at the Hard Rock cafe.

When we got back to the hotel we went straight to bed since we were tired from all the walking. On Wednesday the 18th of  November we had  breakfast and went up stairs to re pack since we were geting the 16.50 trian home  to York  we went shopping in Oxford Circus since Emma and I had said that that's were we wanted to do. We looked in Primark for a new purse since Simone had said that I could do with one, but there wasn't one there that was suitable, so we looked in Debenhams.

We had lunch at the Strand restaurant and had quite a big lunch since we didn't know what time we would be getting back to York. When we got back to the hotel we collected our luggage from the holding place, and sat for half an hour, since it was too early to go for the train. At 3.55pm we went to get a taxi to the station, we stood for ten minutes whilst Lisa and Simone tried to decide what place would be best to get the taxi from. We walked down towards the British musem and got a taxi there. When we got to the train station it said on the board that some trains might be delayed due to there being leaves on the line. We looked at the board and there was no platform number for the trian that we were booked on, so Lisa spoke to the information lady and she said that we could get on any train that went to York. So we looked, and both the trains to Edinburgh and Newcaslte were going to York, but both were delayed. Lisa said to Simone, 'Imagine what we would do if they were cancelled until tomorrow'. Just as we were going to get a drink an announcement came over the station tannoy, the next train at platform four is the 5.00 train to Edinburgh calling at York etc etc etc, so we ran to platform four and got on the train to Edinburgh.

When we got back to York we walked over the bridge and down the stairs to the taxi rank, Lisa and Emma said good bye and got a separate taxi to us.  I  told the taxi driver where we had been, and he said that he and his wife were off to London the following week to see his son who lives there.  When we got back home I paid the taxi driver and went into the house where I put on a load of washing and unpacked before going for a hot bath!


I now work on Thursday at the Castle Museum doing about poverty before the first world war because on the work of the second son of Joseph Rowntree who went to all around the posh houses and to the shops he wrote a report on provery in York to show the MPs in London that it was not just in London it was all over the country and it was not down to people being lazy it was down to low wages.

The rag rug which is one of the things that I talk about is over a hundred years old and is made up with pieces of old clothing such as dresses and men’s trousers.

It was made by cutting up the pieces of clothing by the men and children in the evening after tea once this was done the lady of the house would, using a peace of broken peg, poke the piece of clothing through the piece of sack that was used to make it. The rug has many names such as clippy mat and a peg rug.

One of the other things that I talk about is the washboard that was used on a washday which was on a Monday, which started very early in the morning. When the sun came up once the basin was lit the washboard was put in the water and for the rest of the day the women would stand scrubbing clothes to get rid of the dirt. The washboard that I talk about is made of glass since it would last a lot longer than one that is made of metal, which would have rusted after a long period of time being in water. We at the Castle Museum think that the ladies on one street would have saved up money together to buy the washboard since it would have been very expensive for one woman to buy her own.

On a Thursday morning I go to the Castle miusem in York and volunteer there. I tell visitors to the museum about how babies were brought up in the past which includes how they were dressed, fed by bottle soothed and entertained. I also sometimes tell them about what childeren did in the first word war whilst their fathers and sometimes elder brothers were away fighting in France.

This includes telling them how they collected moss for wound dressing, cookers for gun ammunition and delivering messages .

It also has a bit about the youngest  soldier who lied about his age and under shell fire broke down and  told them that he was just 14.  Along with all this there are rationing books and a replica of  the Princess Mary tin that was sent to soldiers fighting in the war  and German doll that was made in 1912 and CAN NOT  be touched by visitors or people that work there since it is over a 

hunded years old and is falling apart. Around the fire place behind the glass are post card like cards from the men from Britain and America from their famllies which were made by women and children in France and Belgium.

Interviewing York Flood Warden

On the 7th of July we had the flood warden from York in to talk about what she does. We had pre-written the questions we were going to ask her and had broken them down into different sections to ask her. She told us about what she and the other flood wardens do and how they warn people who want to know where and when floods come to York.

Also she answered other questions about how the Ings etc help her, her colleagues and also the emergency services monitor and manage the water levels. She was very helpful with our project and we were very happy with what she had told us. At the end of the interview she told us how we could find out more on the environent agency web site and gave us the web site address so that if we wanted to we could find out about what she had told us.


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