Ashley 2


On Monday, the 8th to 12th August we set off at 10am to Sheffield. I had a bowls competition nearby in Doncaster. When we got there, I had meds and then we sat about on the sofas until tea time. After we went for a walk up to the entertainment. It was loud. When we went back we took our meds again. I went to bed and got up at 6 every day. We went for an egg sandwich for breakfast. We went to the venue after for 3 days competition and we had food there every day. I had an opening ceremony as we walked around the football stadium we did it on the 5 :00pm till 12:00pm and we got in 12:30am we went to bed when we got up bronze and silver. Katie won gold and silver. I was delighted that CB came to watch. And then we went home where people were clapping.  


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