Ashley 2


On Monday, the 8th to 12th August we set off at 10am to Sheffield. I had a bowls competition nearby in Doncaster. When we got there, I had meds and then we sat about on the sofas until tea time. After we went for a walk up to the entertainment. It was loud. When we went back we took our meds again. I went to bed and got up at 6 every day. We went for an egg sandwich for breakfast. We went to the venue after for 3 days competition and we had food there every day. I had an opening ceremony as we walked around the football stadium we did it on the 5 :00pm till 12:00pm and we got in 12:30am we went to bed when we got up bronze and silver. Katie won gold and silver. I was delighted that CB came to watch. And then we went home where people were clapping.  


Ashley 4


Ashley 3



I got up at 6am and took my meds. And I then got picked up at 8am by Andy my Sports Coach. Then we went to Selby to pick up my other fried. Then we set off to Doncaster where I went for a Big Breakfast for my dinner. Then we went back on the rink to play bowls until 3pm. When I got home I went to Michelle's flat and fell asleep. I then got up for tea and then went back to sleep I then woke up at 8:45pm then I went back to my house. 


Ashley Bowling Sm


On bank holiday Weekend I set off to Wales. We set off on the Friday. It took 5 or 6 hours. It took so long so we stopped at Tamworth services for a break then we set off to Cardiff again.


When we got there they paid for me to stay at the Premier Inn and we got a free breakfast in the morning. When we arrived at the Premier Inn on Saturday we went to our room for a rest and then we set off to the venue. We got a buy in but we lost the first 2 matches.


After lunch we picked up and we won a silver medal against Plymouth who got gold. We just missed it by one shot for gold, but we still did well for silver.


We went home, on the way we stopped at Hotwood services for tea and got back to York for 10:00pm.




On Friday the 10th of June I went out for my Birthday at Bier Keller, which is at Toft Green. It was £10 to get in plus a free drink. When I got there I was very disappointed, there was no lift to get up to the to bar upstairs.

When we got sat down the waitress came and gave us our free ale. After we had our free ale it was £8 for a Steiner.

When I had enough I got a taxi home and had some pasta.

I went to a party in Bishopthorpe Village. I got free beer when I got there and people were dressed up well. We then went to the pub where we watched the fireworks, then we went back to my mate’s house. There was an Elvis inpersonater and we had some food while watching Elvis. My friend Jo made a speech about my mate’s car accident. Then we kept on partying until 12 O’clock. We went home and slept well from all the fun!

On Saturday the 13th I went to Scarborough on the Coastliner. I got off the bus and went for a pint and a nice walk the weather was a bit drizzly but it cleared up. I found a cafe and had fish and chips and played on the arcades and then went for a cup off coffee before playing on the arcade games some more. I like playing two pence machines then I went for another pint. and then went home to go to my mates for tea.


We got up and we had our sausage sandwiches. I got my suit on and headed to the wedding. Waited until 11.am when they got married, then we had our photos done. I was looking good!

We all then went for a beer. It was nice that the first one was free. Afterward the happy couple and everyone got free champagne too! We then went for a meal. A mozzarella cheese and tomato salad. and then we had beef for main course and for desert, sticky toffee pudding and then we had another beer.

I had five pints of Tetleys in the first half hour. We had a disco and casino night but unfortunatley the money was fake! I was on the tables all night. I won lots of big fake money!


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