How To USe the Site icon How To Use the Site


There are 3 ways to navigate this website.

1. Type a word into the Search Tool at the top of the page to look for something. For example if you type the word art, a list of pages will appear related to the word art. You can then click on a page to see the full details.

Search example


2. Use the Picture Menu on the Home page to choose a category you are interested in. The Picture Menus will help guide you to the information you are looking for.

Picture Menu example


3. You can quickly see where you are on the website by looking at the You Are Here: menu. The last menu item, in black, always shows you which page you are on. See the example below. This shows us that the How To Use the Site page is in the Useful Information category which is on the Home page. You can quickly go back to the Home page by clicking on the Home link. If you want to go back to a previous category, click on the name of the category highlighted in blue. For example, Useful Information.


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