Lives Unlimited


Lives Unlimited is a family and user led group of people, all volunteers, who are actively working towards enabling disabled people and older people in the York area to:

• Have more control over their lives

• Be included as equal citizens and

• Enjoy the same choices and opportunities as anyone else in their community.


Person centred planning and support planning

• Several members of Lives Unlimited are trained person centred planning facilitators. We can support disabled people to think about getting the life they choose through person centred planning. We can also help with support planning for people with a personal budget

Circles of support

• Members of Lives Unlimited who have their own circles support other disabled people and families to set up a circle of friends. Circles are a great way to get help you get in control of your life - whether it's with a personal budget, direct payments or thinking about your dreams for your future.

Person centred reviews

• Lives Unlimited has campaigned for all social services reviews to be person centred. We can advise or support disabled people and their families to make sure they are at the centre of any meeting about them including reviews.

Training events

• Lives Unlimited runs occasional events for disabled people and family members including self directed support, person centred planning, and setting up a circle.

Personal stories •

In the Stories section members of Lives Unlimited tell their stories about getting a life of their own, some of the things they do, how they have made their voice heard. There are also stories from family members.


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