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Workers at Brunswick with learning difficulties have set up Brunswick Social Club to support members to get out in the evenings and weekends. Brunswick Social Club is run by people with learning disabilities for people with learning disabilities. Please note that events are constantly changing and are not on a regular basis.


Brunswick Social Club has been set up by people with learning difficulties for people with learning difficulties driven by their frustrations about their limited social life and their wish to build friendships. The project enables people to enjoy a richer social life. It offers support and training and strives for increasing inclusion. People with learning difficulties run their own administration groups and planning of events based at York CVS, supported by staff and volunteers. Their motto is: Freedom, Friends and Fun


The Social Club builds on Brunswick’s belief that we all deserve opportunities to contribute, learn, develop and change and that our relationships are at the heart of how to achieve this. This allows for a creative space shaped by the people coming into contact with the Brunswick Social Club. The drivers are people’s passions, hopes and aspirations as well as their frustrations and the injustices we come across. The Social Club is a structure which provides a necessary stepping-stone to enable people with learning difficulties to access life like everybody else.


Brunswick's Social Club currently operates on a very small scale and we do not have the funding at the moment to ensure that we can offer the support that every individual might need. We are open to everybody who shares an interest in any of the activities we do. If you are quite independent, or have people in your life who support you with social arrangements, then there are a number of different activities you might want to check out. We are very happy to work with people with learning difficulties and their PA's or other paid staff or families to join in with our events. The social club is very aware that transport is a big issue for many people. We are limited in how much we can help with this due to funding, but we try wherever we can. 


Here are some of the aims the Brunswick Social Club aspires to:

• Providing a structure to allow people to be ‘community connectors’.

• Using volunteers to support people where both the person with a learning difficulty AND the volunteer have an interest and commitment to the activity. This changes the nature of the relationship significantly.

• Offering support to volunteers, which includes challenging their vision of disability and offering a structure for them to become part of the culture of change that the social club is trying to achieve.

• Supporting people to be involved in activities and then to enable them to begin to increase their level of confidence, skill or understanding

• Putting in intensive support to enable an individual or those around them to step over a particular barrier

• Learning more general lessons by looking at what the more shared barriers are for people so that a more strategic response can be made

• Networking with like-minded people and learning from each other.

• Setting up social activity based around people’s choices of who they would like to spend time with, and doing what they actively want to do.

• Setting up regular activities for groups who share an interest/passion where it has proven hard, so far, to integrate people with learning disabilities into the mainstream but where we can then invite in interested and enthusiastic volunteer support

• Working with local societies and clubs to become more inclusive/ welcoming

• Supporting existing opportunities set up for people with learning disabilities: e.g. the ‘Special Olympics’  

• Encouraging and offering support to try new activities with a bias toward joining mainstream clubs/ ordinary activities.

• Being a user led

Is this your activity? If you would like to update any information in this post, please contact us.



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