Group of mixed ability cyclists


Yorks Cycle Hire Centre, only minutes from Yorks major tourist attractions: City bikes, Family Options, Multi-Seat Cycles, Fun Bikes, Folding Bikes, Adult and Childrens Tricycles, Tandems Also available are a large number of cycles accessible for people with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties. For people with disabilities cycling offers exercise, fun, mobility and independence: but too many cycles are bought without impartial expert advice, and without the chance to try a range of options out. As a community interest company we see it as our role to help individuals, charities and local authorities to make the right choices. There is no need to buy inappropriate cycles when better and often cheaper solutions are available.

 Adult tricycles, including recumbent (low seating position) tricycle KMX Karts.Hand-pedalled tricycles and wheelchair cycles.Two, three and four wheeled tandems - somewhere a carer/parent can steer from behind. Wheelchair tandems suitable for children and adults. Child trailers and Taga buggy tricycles. Adult and child tag-along cycles (some with two wheels which are very stable). Supportive seats and footplates. We can also customise cycles to your specific needs, if for example you are hemiplegic or an amputee. And can even deliver cycles to you. Please contact us to discuss your needs and help identify the right bike for you. We also do events, school activity days and birthday parties.


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